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GEHO-Uganda: The Struggle Continues

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GEHO Uganda - The Struggle Continues

Funding Urgently Needed

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We urgently need you to help usTo be able to continue our essential work, we urgently need funds. Please, find it in your heart to aid us financially. You can send us money through Western Union/Moneygram. See our Get Involved page for details.

Support Network

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GEHO has established a support network system in a neighbouring country for the Queers fleeing from Uganda. Though this country is not the final destitination, GEHO works with the clients to apply for visas to other welcoming countries.

Interview on German Gay Radio

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In May this year GEHO was interviewed by Uwe Pfaff of the Gay and Lesbian Gay Radio from Hamburg, Germany, Click below to listen to the interview:

Exodus of LGBTq Individuals

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Through an arranged program, GEHO Uganda is helping her LGBTq Clients out of Uganda to go and seek asylum in other welcoming Western Countries. GEHO has 73 verified cases of LGBTq Individuals at immediate risk and danger that have to get out of Uganda ASAP. Here is a cost breakdown, for those who want to sponsor a gay person out of Uganda.

Transportation to NairobiKenya – $35 US Dollars

Logistics, food supplies, accommodation and stay for the individual as he waits approval 2-4weeks – $283 US Dollars

Passport – $60 US Dollars

Visa Application fees – $ 71 to $150 US Dollars (Depending on the Embassy)

Airticket to the accepting country – $900 – $1,820 US Dollars (Depending on the accepting country)

Grand Total = $2,348 US Dollars

Press Release

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Aluta Continua……

The struggle has been long and hard, many battles fought to stop the AHB right from the start. Unfortunately there were many forces in play behind the scene and it was signed into a law.

I am a criminal not because of what I did but just because the law says so” Andrew Waiswa the founder of GEHO – Uganda, when he learnt that the President has assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

I can’t just believe we the gays have sacrificed for political gains in Uganda, how can reasonable people arrange evil for the homosexuals yet ignoring important issues affecting Ugandans like poor education, poor housing, bad lacks, health etc” Moses Kyala Independent Political Researcher.

Unlike other laws, The Bahati – Anti Homosexuality Act doesn’t have a designated commencement date, so it should be operational after it has been gazetted, which can be anytime, since President Gen. Museveni signed. Though no person can be charged under this Law since it has been gazetted, because of lack of rule of law in Uganda, the public/locals have taken the law in their own hands. The Anti-homosexuality act has a lot of support among the Ugandans, and the President has used it to gain a lot of support in preparation for the 2016 general elections where he will be standing for another 5years’ term (He has already been in power for 28years)

In the recent days, just after the president assented to the AHB, several LGBTq persons have been assaulted, arrested and detained. On Feb/25th a gay couple was attacked and one of them killed while the other is in critical condition in hospital. Hundreds of LGBTq Individuals have been thrown out of their homes by landlords and several have lost their jobs.

GEHO demands that the citizens of Uganda desist from radical and irrational acts of violence towards suspected LGBTq Individuals. The Press, Media Houses etc should immediately stop negative reporting which has generated a lot of hatred and attacks unsuspected LGBTq Individuals. GEHO demands that Uganda should be isolated and we further support the move by donor countries to suspend aid to Uganda however they can still channel funds to NGOs working in Uganda and respect human rights irrespective of sex orientation.

GEHO further demands that the Uganda police and prisons investigate any cases of violence perpetrated against LGBT Individuals and holdback from making arrests based suspicion. Uganda is a signatory to International treats and in 2013Geneva – Universal Periodic Review Uganda committed to protecting LGBTq persons. While assenting to the Bill, the President said that the country can’t be forced to do something “fundamentally wrong.”

Since it’s very clear that GEHO can’t not get support locally, we request the International community to support the LGBTq community Technically, Morally & financially, this support goes towards security issues and human rights abuses and violations. To make a donation big or small to GEHO, please contact us on or donate via our secure online link

Good news and challenges

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On Sunday 27 April, 10 GLBT Ugandans will fly from Africa to Germany because of the generosity of an anonymous donor who provide GEHO with 10 airline tickets. That brings the total number of Ugandan GLBT people who are out of Africa to European countries to 25. What a blessing for them who look for freedom and safety. There are 13 who have Canadian Visitor Visas who are looking for airfare sponsors to get them to Canada. There are about 83 GEHO clients in a neighbouring country of Uganda, which will be reduced with the 10 who fly out tomorrow.

Andrew Waiswa, who I have written about before, is going receive a kidney transplant on Sunday with surgery beginning at 8 am. Please pray for success for the surgical team and a good recovery for Andrew.

There is still much to do but it is important to be thankful for in all that has been accomplished so far.