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Please, help us financially

Posted on: July 22nd, 2013 by Geho Uganda No Comments

GEHO Uganda appreciates your interest in our work for the LGBTi community of Uganda. For our safe houses, legal assistance and health counselling as well as our daily costs of running the organization, we wholly depend on the good will of our friends for financial support. To cover these expenses we live from one month to the next and have no financial reserve.


Please, find it in your heart to support us financially! With any amount you send, we can save lives, support people in court and give health counselling.

Thank you very much,



At this moment there are two ways to send a donation to us:

1. by credit card on the Western Union website or through a Western Union Office near you.

2. through the GoFundMe network.

Please choose Western Union or GoFundMe by clicking on either image below.

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